About Me

Hello, I'm Mike. I live in Portland, Maine with my wife and two kids. I grew up in Maine (not in Portland) and I love it here.

I've been a professional software developer since the mid-1990s. I started out writing firmware for disk drive control systems in C and assembly language, but today I do full-stack web and mobile development (the former mostly in Ruby on Rails and Python, the latter primarily on Android but I dabble in iOS a bit as well). Right now I'm working at Sendwave.

In my free time I'm active in politics and occasionally play guitar, but not very well. Sometimes I also mentor a FIRST Robotics Team 5687, The Outliers. I used to enjoy Portland's amazing restaurant scene pre-pandemic.

I used to have a blog here, but I updated it so infrequently that I took it down. My new look is "minimalist."


A few other places you can find me online: