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How can I help?

Ceres Logic is a one-person independent software contracting/consulting firm. Like many consultants, I refer to “Ceres Logic” as “we” on this site, even though it’s usually just me, Mike Desjardins. I (err, I mean, “we”) reside in Portland, Maine, USA.


Use of Mobile Applications is exploding. According to Yankee Group, Mobile Applications will account for $4.2 Billion in revenue by 2013. Neilsen‘s usage statistics show that the Android platform is the most popular among recent smartphone purchasers. Put Ceres Logic’s expertise with the Android platform to work for you. Check out Tidecast and Skicast, our two Android apps in the Android Marketplace.


I have extensive experience in building custom web applications using Ruby on Rails as well as large-scale enterprise open-source Java systems. I’ve worked on medium and large-scale e-commerce sites based on both Rails and Java. I’m also pretty handy at smaller jobs, like customizing WordPress installations to get small businesses an online presence.


Feel free to check out my résumé to learn more about the things I’ve worked on.