Presentation on Maven


Last night I spoke at TechMaine’s Java Users Group about Maven.  I’ve made the slides available on Slideshare, although Slideshare botched some of the formatting a bit.  You will get the proper format if you download it and view it locally.

Demystifying Maven

Enjoy!  Here is the abstract for the presentation if you want to know what it’s about before diving in:

“Why do we need another build tool when we already have Ant? By focusing on convention over configuration, Maven allows you to declaratively define how your project is built, which reduces a lot of the procedural code that you’d need to implement in every build file if you were using Ant. This, along with Maven’s built-in management of repositories for project dependencies, allows you to streamline your build process. Ultimately Maven can reduce the amount of time that would otherwise be wasted hunting down jar files and fiddling with boilerplate build scripts.

This presentation covers Maven’s core concepts. It introduces the Plugin architecture, and explain how the most popular plugins are used. It also covers the POM concept and how it relates to dependency tracking and repositories.”

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