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Here are some things that we’ve been working on.


Skicast is an Android application that displays the latest ski and trail forecasts for ski slopes throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, and several countries in the southern hemisphere. It comes in a free, ad-supported version, and an ad-free paid version.  Read more about Skicast.


Tidecast is an Android mobile application that displays tidal forecasts, moon phase, and sunrise and sunset times for almost 3,000 tide stations in the United States.  The application features a home-screen widget that displays tide forecasts without needing to enter the application.  Read more about Tidecast.

Ariama is a classical music site that sells digital downloads and compact discs. We collaborated with several other consultants to create this site – Ceres Logic’s contribution was primarily in the e-commerce, search, and fulfillment portions of the store.  Ariama was built using JRuby and Rails on Amazon’s EC2 “cloud” environment.


Buzzbird is a Javascript-based, standalone desktop Twitter and client. Buzzbird was built using Mozilla XUL technology, which allows it to run on Linux, OSX, and Windows.  Visit the Buzzbird home page.